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Also the window no longer resizes based 6 norton payday loan payday loan 9 your model, all fingerprint scans will now be at 300×400 resolution. This feature can be enabled on the setup menu – printers – form options. Added additional text required on South Carolina over the counter purchase tickets, added weight to all printed versions of police reporting as well as expanded the serial number which was sometimes clipped. Bilateral Training Program directly supports Legal Attaché offices’ request for training of their foreign law enforcement partners in their areas of responsibilities at overseas and U. Added ability to flag an item as new, on retail labels the description will start with “New” on these items. Loves to teach and be taught.

Now all layaway payments are shown instead of just payments that didn’t result in a sale and the prior layaway in sales reverses the entire sale amount. 17 will now correctly show a forfeit date 63 days past the due date instead of 93. Updated Virginia precious metals buyer report to properly show all item descriptions even if you switch between simple and detailed entry modes.

Added two additional sub-category levels to category system. Fixed barcoding issue where item and ticket numbers less 6 credit payday loans payday loan 9 1000 or a bucket id less than 4 letters long would not scan on certain barcode scanner models. Additional adjustments to the Oregon Burrell 10-3709. Additional adjustments for Mississippi and Alabama driver’s license barcodes.

Fixed inventory aging report to age from the out for sale date instead of the original item date. Fixed typo on several Florida forms. When activating this feature the APR is adjusted to 12 months of interest and storage and 1 month of ERM. Added a calendar icon next to every date entry field. Reverted HTP Basic police reporting data file back to earlier format per request from Nashville PD.

Combined totals for all drawer activity are shown at the bottom of the list of employees. Frank Long from the Alabama Banking and Finance department has ruled that based on Section 5-19A-10 of the Alabama Pawnbroker’s act you may not charge more than one month of past due fees when customers redeem their property in Alabama so set your program 6 dvd payday no qualifying payday advance 9 cap late fees at 1 month under the overdue settings to avoid a violation from state examiners. All system passwords for email, ftp upload and employees norton payday loan dvd payday loan 9 now hidden with the pound symbol. Additional improvements to RISS WSIN police reporting. Added a custom email footer message to be added to every email sent.

Fixed bug when retieving a previously pawned or purchased gun to purchase or buy again that did not reset the gun printed flag. Fixed problems with Indiana and Florida redemption discounts required by state law. Added new options to the Inventory Items Sold report that now allow selecting the source customer or vendor, the sold to customer, the employee that made the sale and specific text in the item description, serial number or other field. Fixed problem with the Wisconsin pawn form where the signature line was not allowing enough space for the signature.

Updated Ohio plain paper full page pawn form as requested by state examiners. Added new corrupt index detection when saving loan payment transactions that will warn you if a system 6 dvd payday loans in lubbock texas loan 9 is needed instead of saving a transaction that doesn’t properly update the customer account. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Added support for RISS nationwide police reporting system.

Added brand new webcam control software to replace the unstable version used in the past. Added option to transaction report to exclude vendor purchases. An FBI agent is driving down a lonely stretch of road when suddenly a car comes out of nowhere and slams into the agent’s side door. Fixed rare minor bug on Utah check settlement.

The American crew begins selling their weed cheap to attract customers, and they begin buying up large amounts of marijuana from anyone who will sell it to them. However, this proves hard to set up, as there 6 dvd payday credit payday loans 9 still bad blood between Dante and the Vietnamese. Added option to exclude the selected category on the inventory verification report.

15,000 based on a recently enacted amendment to the pawnbrokers act. Hawaii, Canada, Utah, Louisiana and U. Fixed issue with viewing the Tennessee analysis of regulated business activity reports. Fixed bug when viewing Teletrack reports that affected a few customers.