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Fixed additional place where the Alabama renew from today mode was forced to be turned on. Added optional customer or specific ticket fee discount percentage which can always be applied or only if the ticket is on time. Added new multiple payment receipt which can be used when tagging several tickets to renew or redeem. You can search by make, model, description or any combination of no qualifying payday advance teletrack payday loan cash advance and see the most recent amount paid as well as averages in the last 6 months, year, 2 years or since you opened for business.

Fixed issue with data integrity checks listing the new pawn increase ticket as invalid. Expanded bucket sales to allow up to 9999 items on a single sale. This information can still be emailed to owners by an employee without access. Updated Alabama pawn, renewal and purchase forms both plain paper and thermal receipts with additional wording requested by state examiners, added employee and time to all renewal receipts forms. Added legal setting to specify the maximum number of renewals allowed on a pawn.

Added option to print tear line on half page forms. Added check transaction history to the reprint ticket menu for state examiner audits. Added a custom email footer message to be added to every email sent. The ERM fee is only charged on the first renewal or if the loan has never been renewed on the redemption.

Added a detailed breakdown of trades with reduced tax liability on the tax liability report. It can influence our chances of renting an apartment, getting insurance, or even landing the perfect job. Added FILL IN FIELDS AGAIN button to the automatic MLA screen for any stations that still have issues with the fields being blank sometimes. Added Internet Ad and Internet Search to Found Store By marketing info, added print capability from drawer count screen, made requested changes to South Carolina Impending Forfeiture Notice. Added support for no credit payday loans payday loan cash advance a check for a check advance loan when the customer does not have any checks. SAFEREPORTING style xml police reporting with a more secure communications tool that also solves problems that forced some of our BWI customers to save to disk and manually upload.

This is an optional feature in most states but a requirement in Alabama to avoid state examiner violations. No teletrack norton payday loan loan cash advance field now mandatory when adding customers in Florida. Whatever it is, you need money right away, and it’s as simple as that. The option to show jewelry weight and unit of measurement on the label options menu now applies to all label types that show item descriptions, not just jewelry labels. You can then paste the listings into a website like Facebook or a word document. Added option to change the word renewal to extension on printed forms.

Pawn” when it was in fact a “Buy-Sell” agreement. Updated layaway verification report with options to sort by ticket or storage location and date range of layaway. Added store closing and holiday schedule to the setup menu which can be used to prevent a due date from falling on a day when the business is closed.

Added ability to select customers based on banned transaction types in the search records tool. Added option to require a customer’s weight be filled in when saving a pawn or buy. Added the Georgia T-16 affidavit of repossession form available no credit payday loans payday loan cash advance the reprint ticket screen. Showing a customer’s history when starting a new transaction is now optional and can be turned off via the setup menu under general options by unchecking “Enable Customer History”. Added foreclosed date selection to no teletrack payday loan payday loans in lubbock texas advance inventory browser. Added required clause to Mississippi check cashing form, updated software to prevent Mississippi check advance writers from writing a loan that violates the new law effective January 1st, 2012.

Various OEM Scanners using the following model numbers HU20, HFDU04, HSDU04P, HFDU03FR, HFDU03FRS, HSDU03M, HSDU03P, KFDU03FR, KFDU03FRS, KSDU03M, MFDU03FR, MFDU03FRS, MSDU03M, MSDU03P, XSDU03MSC, XSDU03PSC, XFDU04SC, XSDU04PSC, FDU03FR, FDU03FRS, FDU04, SDU03M, SDU03P, SDU04P, U20. Improved performance of the inventory verification tool including automatic disabling of live stats on a network workstation. The ability to ban a customer from doing a pawn was already available but now you can ban any of these other transaction types as needed. Added optional ACH Authorization form to allow payment of a check advance loan via electronic funds transfer. Updated Plain Paper form for Florida, added support for BWI police reporting and added master category switch utility.